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About SUN Classic

SUN Classic is a classic MMORPG released on March 10, 2022, formerly known as 'Soul of the Ultimate Nation'. This MMORPG game gives players a nostalgic feel with a faster upgrade system, system changes, graphics, UI and UX optimizations. Webzen plans to expand its services to Southeast Asia and beyond. SUN Classic will have various automatic functions and other systems in the future to make it easier for players to progress and get a better gaming experience.

What are SUN Classic Items?

SUN Classic Items is not the name of a specific item, but a general term for those weapons, armor, cosmetics, potions and pets in SUN Classic. Players will face various challenges and tasks after entering the game, and having a certain number of SUN Classic Items can make them easier to deal with it. And it can speed up the pace of their game upgrades.

Ways to farm Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items

Firstly, players can earn SUN Classic Items by challenging various tasks in the game. And the higher the level of difficulty players choose, the more Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items they earn.

Secondly, trading is also a way to earn SUN Classic Items, players trade their game items with other players and get some SUN Classic Items in return.

Thirdly, collect and craft, most of the items with powerful buffs in SUN Classic need to be crafted, and players can earn Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items in this way.

But the easiest and most efficient way is to choose a legal and safe website to buy cheap SUN Classic Items, which saves trouble and effort.

Why buy SUN Classic Items at is a website dedicated to selling MMORPG gold coins, with decades of sales experience in the industry, with absolute advantages in terms of safety, price and after-sales service.

Having a large inventory of Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items is the absolute factor by which we can offer you cheap Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items. In addition, large coupons are issued from time to time. SUN Classic Items For Sale on all servers are 100% legit. When you buy SUN Classic Items, professionals will cooperate with you throughout the process and ensure the safety of your account information. 95% of orders are processed in less than 15 minutes. If you have any problem after buying SUN Classic Items, we will provide after-sales service in time.

The purchase process is as follows:

To buy SUN Classic Items from, just go to your SUN Classic server page and select the number of SUN Classic Items you want, then click Pay after confirming the information is correct. is the best place to buy Soul of the Ultimate Nation Classic Items, if you need it right now, please get in touch with our 24/7 Live Chat!

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