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World Of Warcraft Classic FAQ: Daily Quests, Subscription Fee, Gold And Class

The group of World of Warcraft fans has recently made a stir, since Blizzard announced that it is releasing a new server option at the end of August, World of Warcraft Classic, as the date is approaching, the players are worrying about a series of problems along with excitement, such as how to play better in the game? Will I encounter numerous enemies in the game? Is it allowed to transfer WOW into WOW Classic? Do I have to pay for the game? And Can I use gold as I did in WOW? Rest assured, we will deal with all of your problems one by one.

People always say a good beginning is half of the success. To complete all in-game challenges, you'd better do those low-level daily quests at the beginning of the game, which may sound boring, but it will gather up a lot of experience for your character.

Personally, an MMO like WOW Classic is constantly changing and updating, it still remained the core running mode while bringing us new content, such as subscription-based rules of WOW.

If you are not always willing to pay a monthly subscription fee, but never give up the fun from WOW Classic, you can earn enough in-game gold instead of real cash just like the WOW Tokes we used.

Blizzard posted that the available World of Warcraft Classic is free to play for subscribers without any additional purchase required, which means that you can enjoy all the content in WOW Classic during your subscription period.

While WOW Classic Gold could give you huge help as the only fixed in-game currency we have known so far, although we actually know that farming gold is indeed a chore based on the past experience.

Some days ago, the warning of overcrowded realms from Blizzard caused a crisis, although you give great expectations to WOW Classic, it can't be avoided the troubles we encounter when playing, even if you just want to choose a suitable class for your character.

Moreover, some basic methods should still be remembered during WOW Classic, such as choosing the most profitable class like Herbalism, trading with other players, and throwing unnecessary items to in-game Auction House, after all, you are not able to exchange all WOW Classic Gold you need by real cash. No matter which one method you choose, you'd better keep eyes on the market trends and dynamic price of the items to make sure you get a little profit.

Nothing is done overnight, from the updated date on WOW Classic official site, there are only four days left to start a new adventure, remember the tips and go ahead.

If you want further information about WOW Classic, you can click NWGOLD to contact us and leave your questions, we will give you a satisfactory reply in the next article.

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