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WoW Classic Summer Bowl Details: Regions, Requirements, Schedule And Rewards

Nearly one year has passed since the release of World of Warcraft Classic, apart from the basic game content, Blizzard has not developed any events. This time, World of Warcraft eSports posted and revealed that it would present the Summer Bowl in World of Warcraft Classic, inviting players to participate in.

Summer Bowl FormSince this is the first summer bowl of WOW Classic, it only runs in two regions, Europe and North America, and the tournament will be held in the form of 10v10 Warsong Gulch, including two stages, qualifiers and finals.

Summer Bowl RequirementsIn order to join the tournament, you only need to meet two requirements, a level-60 character and a team of 10 people.

Summer Bowl ScheduleThe games in Europe and North America are not held at the same time, and this is their respective schedules.

EuropeJune 18: Signups for level-60 charactersJune 20-21: Qualifiers to select top six teamsJuly 4: Finals

North AmericaJune 25: SignupsJune 27-28: QualifiersJuly 5: Finals

Summer Bowl PrizeIn summary, this tournament needs to be completed within three weeks, as long as the players who meet the requirements can compete for the prize.

Once completed, the winners of the top six teams in North America and Europe will each receive a total of $4,000 in prize, as well as the reputation of winning WoW Classic Summer Bowl.

This is just the first attempt at World of Warcraft Classic, which is limited by region, but fans could expect more events in other regions of WOW Classic, as more in-game characters reach level 60.

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