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Game Warmane Gold
Server Icecrown Alliance
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Warmane Info

Warmane is one of the most popular WQW private servers all over the world, which can give you a feeling of being in WQW. In short, with it, you can play WQW for free, or it can make you play WQW for every living second with any costing.

For some novice players, they may prefer to play Warmane instead of playing WQW directly, even if it is not as perfect as a public server along with problems from time to time, but it is undeniable that more and more players are willing to jump into it, and its regular players every day are close to 10,000 players.

To some extent, private servers are equivalent to the copies of WQW, there are different realms in Warmane, Outland is prepared for Level 70, and Icecrown and Lordaeron are for Level 80.

For someone who can not adapt to the fast update of WQW, it is really a good chance for nostalgia, but more importantly, it can save you much money.

You Can Buy Cheap Warmane Gold from

It is available for you to buy Warmane Gold on NWGold, which is like WOW Gold to buy almost everything from controlling the process to mitigating damage.

NWGold is a store specializing in the sale of Warmane products, which includes Lordaeron Gold/Icecrown Gold for sale to help you save much time during the adventure.

For a long time, NWGold is committed to build a better global gamer service platform, striving towards product diversification and service personalization to fulfillment of game players' needs and hence the total enjoyment of gaming pleasures!

No matter how much you want for Lordaeron Gold/Icecrown Gold, it can be guaranteed to deliver within 10 minutes by NWGold. Everything is real and trustworthy here. Please believe that will be your best choice to buy Warmane Gold.

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Note: Due to the game official issues, PC cannot currently trade with PlayStation and XBOX in teams. Please wait for official updates to be restored before placing orders or trading if you are a console user.