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Star Wars The Old Republic Info

SWTOR is the abbreviation of Star Wars The Old Republic, which is a very popular MMORPG. The story takes place in the world of Star Wars.

What are SWTOR Credits?

SWTOR Credits is the main currency in the game. Almost all actions of the player require the support of this digital currency. Therefore, credits is very important to every citizen in the game. There are many items in the game that can help the player, such as armor, weapons, legacy perks, strongholds and a lot of other useful materials. All of the above items need to consume a lot of SWTOR Credits to buy. If you want to make your character stronger, it is recommended that you always have enough Star Wars The Old Republic Credits in your backpack to deal with any unexpected situations.

What is the Credits cap in SWTOR?

In the game, you can't get Credits endlessly. So far, even subscribing players can only retain 4.3 billion SWTOR Credits at most.

How to farm SWTOR Credits?

Generally speaking, players can only get Credits by performing quests, and sometimes you can also get some Credits rewards in festival events.

But for those players who want to buy specific items, even if they do multiple quests at the same time, it is far from meeting their demand for money.

This is why more and more players choose to buy SWTOR Credits on reliable third-party gaming service websites.

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