Flyff Universe is set in the world of Madrigal, a massive world separated into continents with regions vastly differing from each other. In this open world, players will travel to peaceful villages like Flarine, and even steampunk regions like Darkon on their trusty broom or hoverbike.

Flyff Universe Currency Types

Regular Ingame Currencies: Penya/Perin.

Special Reward Currencies:

*Colosseum: Red Token of Valor/Blue Token of Valor/Champion's Token

*1V1 Siege: Gold Chip/Blue Chip

*Guild Siege: Guild Siege Coin/Red Chips

*Giant Drops: Conqueror's Token(Will)/Conqueror's Token(Angel)/Conqueror's Token(Legend)/Conqueror's Token(Guard)

*Other: Token of Bravery

Penya is the main currency in Flyff Universe. You can use it to buy various items from NPCs. You also need this currency to create a guild and to get into the Forsaken Tower.

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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System. Microsoft Windows 7 or above.

Processor. Intel or AMD Processor.

RAM. at least 4GB.

HDD. 5GB Free Disk Space.

Flyff Universe

Release date: June 14th, 2022

Developer: Gala Lab, Sniegu Technologies

Publisher: Gala Lab Corp

Type: Fantasy MMORPG

Servers: America(Aries/Flarine/Mushpoie), Europe(Burudeng/Genese/Totemia), Asia(リシス/獨眼蝙蝠/Glaphan/Lawolf/Mia)

Official Site:

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