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WOW Classic SOM Gold


  • SOM Classic Gold US
  • SOM Classic Gold EU
  • Barman Shanker Alliance

  • Barman Shanker Horde

  • Jom Gabbar Alliance

  • Jom Gabbar Horde

  • Lionheart Alliance

  • Lionheart Horde

  • Mutanus Alliance

  • Mutanus Horde

  • Nightfall Alliance

  • Nightfall Horde

  • Obsidian Edge Alliance

  • Obsidian Edge Horde

  • Shadowstrike Alliance

  • Shadowstrike Horde

  • Swamp of Sorrows Alliance

  • Swamp of Sorrows Horde

  • Bonescythe Alliance

  • Bonescythe Horde

  • Dreadnaught Alliance

  • Dreadnaught Horde

  • Ironfoe Alliance

  • Ironfoe Horde

  • Kingsfall Alliance

  • Kingsfall Horde

  • Kровавый зов Alliance

  • Kровавый зов Horde

  • Quel'Serrar Alliance

  • Quel'Serrar Horde


Get Yourself A Quest Addon For WOW SoM!

One of the most important addons in WOW Classic is the Questie addon, which adds a pretty good quest tracker and the map location of your quest objectives. Since the WOW Classic version is very original, it is necessary to get the WOW Classic Questie addon. will explain in detail why it is important.

What’s WOW Classic Questie?

Questie is a quest addon that allows players to manage their quest log in a better way. On the right side of the screen, you will see a quest objectives list. If you open your map, you will see various sword icons, Whaling you the kill targets and the locations of the mobs you killed. At the same time, you will see the little bag icons, telling you where you need to collect things.

If you are looking for something or someone, you will see a magnifying glass. Some of the blips even have numbers next to them, indicating which objective belongs to which quest in your quest log. This can help you progress more smoothly during the game.

Although most players already have the WOW Classic Questie addon, some players have found that it does not work properly after logging in. Now the WOW Classic SoM patch is running on 1.14, which means that all addons need to be updated. If you have not done this step yet, then we suggest you head into Curse Forge in the Overwolf client and update all your addons.

If you just come back to Vanilla and need to re-download all the classic add-ons, you can search for specific addons in Curse Forge, or filter by popularity. Questie is one of the most popular addons in the game, and featured in its blocks on the Curse Forge client. Or, you can use another addon client - WoWUP. In short, make sure that you update the actual vanilla client, not retail or TBC classic client.

Many players should have joined WOW Classic SoM now, and NW Gold has not fallen behind. As a reliable game service website, we provide cheap WOW Classic SoM Gold. If you need them, don’t forget to come to NW Gold to take a look.

Nov 18, 2021



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