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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic introduces 16 new dungeons to the game. Some dungeons will be experienced as the game progresses, while others will not be completed until the end of the game. But each dungeon is worth riding at least once for the full TBC experience.

Below is a ranking of all 16 dungeons in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, compiled by NWGold.

16) Black Mire

Black Morass is absolutely brutal dungeon work, and it totally deserves the lowest spot on our list. From start to finish, it's a lot of fun navigating through closed, grey, cloudy spaces and defeating enemies spawned from various portals.

15) Shadow Labyrinth

The Shadow Labyrinth is one of the best dungeons to use as a stepping stone on the road to level 70. It has a wealth of enemies, which means it has a wealth of experience.

14) Mana Tomb

Mana-Tombs is a tough experience, as it truly is one of the blandest dungeons ever. In The Burning Crusade, the World of Warcraft dungeon team forgot what made the classic WoW dungeon so memorable.

13) Steam

While the idea of an underwater pumping station run by Naga sounds bad and mean on paper, Steamvault doesn't have much of an edge when it comes to thematic elements.

12) Old Hillsbrad Foothills

Old Hillsbrad Foothills is one of the weakest dungeons in the TBC Classic, despite its incredible story drive and revealing tons of amazing lore. While the dungeons offer plenty of engaging moments, there aren't many in the way the game remembers.

11) Blood Furnace

The Forge of Blood is likely the second dungeon the player encounters on their journey to Outland, and it won't make you want to experience the third. The dungeon is full of enemies, and if your party isn't careful, you may return to the dungeon multiple times throughout the instance to pick up your corpse.

10) Broken Room

The Shattered Hall is a solid advanced dungeon, but if there's a flaw in its design, it's that the dungeon is loaded with too many enemies for its own benefit.

9) Slave Pen

Slave Pens is a meandering experience that doesn't do much good when it comes to memorable moments. For a relatively early dungeon, many boss fights, especially Lokmar the Blast, can be difficult for players who may not be equipped or level enough.

8) Semtech Hall

Seek Hall is full of unforgettable moments. The final boss, Talon King Ikiss, gives players a taste of the mechanics of modern World of Warcraft, and overall, the instance provides a solid testing ground for Blizzard

7) McCall

Mechanar is considered the weakest dungeon in Tempest Keep, but it's still a solid example of players burning near the end of the game. Other instances of Tempest Keep have similar color schemes and theme elements.

6) Hellfire Walls

Hellfire Walls is likely to be the first dungeon player the player encounters during their travels to Outland. Your first instance experience in The Burning Crusade is unforgettable.

5) Bushes

The Underbog stands out for its ability to combine the aesthetics of Zangarmarsh and Coilfang Reservoir in a way no other dungeon can match.

4) Alcatraz

Arcatraz is an experience well worth completing, as the very idea of ​​traveling through a prison holding demons is an interesting concept in itself.

3) Auchenai Crypt

Few experiences in Sensational are as epic as entering the final chamber of the Auchenai Crypt and seeing the dungeon's ultimate leader, Archbishop Maladaar, placed on a platform overlooking a utilitarian army of skeletons.

2) Botany

Botanica almost feels like some kind of "finale" to the TBC Classic research experience. Thematic elements from all over the world are thrown into this single instance.

1) Magister Platform

The best dungeon in TBC Classic will be the newly released dungeon, Magister Platform. Players won't be able to access the patio until Phase 5 when the Isle of Quel'Danas opens up to the player base, but the instances are worth it.

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