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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I send in?

​Precious metals in any shape or form. These can include rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, earrings, money clips, time pieces, pins, broaches, etc. It’s perfectly alright if it’s bent or broken. We also accept dental gold, gold nuggets, and gold and silver coins.

What if I don’t know the weight of my metals?

A basic kitchen scale should be able to give you a good estimate of the weight of your metals. If you don’t have a scale it’s okay, we will do all the weighing at the Gold & Silver Traders Processing Center. The weight is mainly so you can use our calculator to obtain a price quote.

What if I don’t know the karat of my gold?

Most jewelry is stamped to indicate the elemental composition. These stamps often appear on the clasps of bracelets or necklaces and on the inside of rings. Gold stamps may be marked by karat (for example “14k” or “18k”) or by percentage of gold (for example “585” or “750”). Common silver markings include .999 Fine, 925, 925 NV, 835, Sterling, Taxco, and STER. Common platinum markings include Pt, Irid.Plat, Pt 900, Pt 950, and PLAT.

How do you determine the value of my shipment?

When our Processing Center receives your shipment it will be separated into metal types. The gold will be further separated by karat. To ensure that you receive a fair price for your shipment our processing is done with top of the line assaying equipment.

After we’ve determined the precious metal content of your shipment it will be weighed and we will email you a price quote based on the market prices the day you accept our price.

How do you derive your prices?

We pay the best market price on the total gold content of your shipment. Gold content is determined by assaying the material you send us with an X-ray fluorescence analysis. We will conduct the same analysis on the silver or platinum you send in and pay 70% of the market rate for silver and 70% of the market rate for platinum. After we have assayed all the metals you send in, we add together the totals. After deducting the $50 processing fee, we email you a final price quote.Other companies offer to pay three times or much or more. How do you stack up?

These offers seem wonderful, but are really meaningless. Three times as much sounds enticing but isn’t based on solid numbers. If they were only paying 10% of the market value to begin with then even prices four, five, or six times as much still aren’t that high! 

Gold & Silver Traders is the only company that proudly states up front how much it pays for your precious metals. Our Pricing Calculator even gives you an estimate before you send anything in! This way you can rest assured that you’re getting a great price for your precious metals.

What shipping methods are available?

All of our shipping is done with FedEx. You can either request that we send you a pre-insured FedEx envelope, which may take a few days, or print your label from your computer and send it off yourself, which is the faster option.

Is the shipping process secure?

Because we only ship through FedEx, we can automatically insure and track each package sent to Gold & Silver Traders. Shipments are delivered directly to the Gold & Silver Traders Processing Center and stored in a secure facility.

What are the payment methods available?

Gold & Silver Traders offers two payment methods. The Standard Method conveys your payment with a check in the mail. This method may take several days and is free of charge.

The Quick Pay Method conveys your payment with a direct deposit made into your account. This method is instantaneous and costs $4.95, which can simply be deducted from the total payment amount. When requesting a GoldPak you can select which Payment Method you prefer.

What happens if I change my mind or don’t like the price I was quoted?

Once we receive and process your shipment, you will be emailed a final price quote based on the assay done on your metals. If that price looks good to you, respond to the email and confirm that you want to receive payment. 

If you don’t like the price or have decided you’d like to have your shipment back, respond to the email stating that you do not want to proceed with payment and we will return your shipment with FedEx shipping.

Precious Metals Calculator

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